COVID-19, Our Procedures

  1. Everything in the restaurant has been sanitized.
  2. When customers come in, I should now be donning a face-mask and neoprene gloves. If I don’t; I will be pleased to have my customers remind me that I should.
  3. I greet the customers and offer them a menu–our menus have plastic covers. I take their order verbally, keying it into the POS system. I keep at least a one-meter distance between the customer(s) and myself. The order is placed digitally (by LAN) to the kitchen.
  4. The order, when finished being prepared and placed in takeout containers, is placed in a pass-thru between the kitchen and the front of the house.
  5. If needed, I will place the takeout containers in plastic bags and pass them over the counter to the customer.
  6. Payment may be made in cash, but most of our customers are using debit cards and in fact, quite often using the “tap” feature so that they don’t even touch the payment terminal.
  7. I offer the customer their receipt, and sometimes they take it and sometimes they do not.
  8. After the customer leaves:
    • I sanitize the menu—all pages
    • I sanitize the countertop
    • If the customer sat at a table to look at the menu; I sanitize the table
    • I sanitize the payment terminal
    • I sanitize the doorknob
    • If the customer uses the washroom, I clean and sanitize the washroom. (I think the public should be very pleased that our washrooms are cleaned and sanitized after every use.)

I think it’s the best I can do to keep us safe and to keep our customers safe.