Cycling Info

The Lighthouse Restaurant on-the-Pkwy is a bicycle friendly restaurant situated on the Niagara Parkway. We offer a stop along the river with healthy local food options, a secure bike lock-up area, local cycling information on hand, and access to rest areas and water.

The trails along the Niagara River are also great for walking and rollerblading. The road and parkway components are designed for car and bus touring with various gateways and numerous pull-offs with parking at sites of historical significance or natural beauty.

We are partners with the Ontario By Bike Network, which is a great resource when planning a cycling trip in the Niagara Region. Accommodations, restaurants, cafes, attractions, visitor information centres, bike stores, and other businesses participating in the Ontario By Bike Network offer specific services and amenities that cater to the needs of cyclists. This may include overnight secure bike storage, healthy food options and easy access to cycling information.

Bike trails of the Niagara Region, following the Niagara River and the Welland Canal
Bike Trails of Niagara

Visit to find information, links, and map location points of certified bicycle friendly businesses across the Niagara Region.

So bring your bike, bring your friends, and cycle along the river, knowing that we are here to provide you with the perfect resting spot.